Hearthstone Access community version


Here you will find information about the community maintained version of Hearthstone Access, a mod which makes Hearthstone accessible for blind players. Hearthstone Access was originally developed by Guide Dev. After maintaining and updating Hearthstone Access for over a year, Guide Dev announced that he was no longer able to continue working on Hearthstone access. Developers from the Hearthstone Access community were able to continue developing the mod after Guide Dev provided some tools and information. To learn more about Guide Dev's decision you can read his announcement about the decision to sunset Hearthstone Access.

In addition to keeping up with updates to Hearthstone, the community developers have added new features. Some notable updates include support for the new Death Knight class, support for the remaining book of heroes and all of the book of mercenaries solo adventures, support for the arena mode, and achievements. To learn more about basics of Hearthstone Access you can visit its original web site. Although Guide Dev no longer maintains Hearthstone Access, the web page still contains lots of useful information like a basic introduction to the game and lists of keyboard commands.

Known issues

Below are listed some known limitations or bugs of the current version of Hearthstone Access.

If you experience bugs, you can post about them in the Discord server. You may be asked to send debug logs to the developers. To do so, press Escape from within Hearthstone to open the Game menu, then choose options, and enable the debug logging checkbox. Then, do whatever causes the bug to occur. Then close the game and nnavigate to the location where Hearthstone was installed (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone). Open the Logs folder inside that folder and zip up the folder corresponding to the current date and time. Then attach this zip file to a Discord message.

unsupported modes

although most game modes are now fully supported, there still remain a few that have partial or no accessibility with the mod:


Blizzard has announced that the mode will no longer get any new content. As such there are no plans to make it accessible at this time. You may be able to play using a combination of AutoHotkey scripts and GoldenCursor positions, which can be found on the Discord server.

Tavern Brawl

Work is currently under way to add accessibility for tavern brawls. Because the different weekly brawls involve slight variations on the user interface, some time will be required to ensure that they are all accounted for. It should be noted that once a match starts, it uses the same gameplay code as traditional Hearthstone, and as such is fully playable.

Solo adventures

The situation with older solo adventures is similar to that of tavern brawls, as they use different user interface variations and the games are fully playable once started. Support is planned.

Contributing to development

Development of Hearthstone Access is based on a development tools repository Guide Dev made available after he finished maintaining Hearthstone Access.

The work for the community version is currently done in a fork of that repository.

The best place to discuss the development of Hearthstone Access is the ask-the-developers channel on the Hearthstone Access discord.