The following is a list of external resources to help keep up with Hearthstone news and improve one's competitive game. All resources on this page are accessible and well-regarded by the Hearthstone Access community, though some entries do have accessibility caveats detailed.

Hearthstone Official Site

The official Hearthstone web site containing news from the developers, a card library, and easy access to the shop.


This site is maintained daily and keeps track of game news including updates to the client, changes to the offerings in the in-game shop, and the latest winning decks from the top players. It also contains other competitive-focused articles and an online deck builder so you can share decks with the community.

Competitive Hearthstone Subreddit

A place to discuss strategies to win, or at least not to lose as badly. Discussion quality and accessibility are generally higher than that of the main Hearthstone subreddit, which has a greater percentage of memes and screenshots than the competitive-focused one.

Vicious Syndicate

One of the most trusted sites for reliable competitive Hearthstone information, Vicious Syndicate publishes a weekly report detailing the state of the competitive landscape, how various decks match up against one another, and the strongest lists for each competitively viable archetype. Unfortunately, the graphs that the reports are based on are completely inaccessible to screen reader users, and the decklists are screenshots lacking alt text and thus natively inaccessible.

Luckily, one can use an image description service such as Google's to read the decklists, and can copy deck codes into the Hearthstone client itself to view there instead. No solution has yet been found for the graphs.

Contains live data of the decks that win the most. If you link it to your account, it can even show you decks you are closest to crafting with your current collection. You will need to download the HS Deck Tracker addon to do this, but unfortunately most of the other features of the addon are inaccessible. For a monthly subscription, you can drill even deeper into the data to see which cards are the strongest in which decks. There is also a battlegrounds section containing data about the best heroes to play.

Superblindman's Decklist of Doom

This compendium of decks is compiled by prominent community member Superblindman and contains all kinds of decks for any format you want to play. The decks vary in quality from fun memes to strong ladder climbers and outdated decks are not removed, but there is almost guaranteed to be something fun to try for everyone. As of October 20, Superblindman is no longer adding new decks to the list.